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Can't Live Without You

Can't Live Without You

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Donny is a successful writer of romance novels living in the Florida Keys with his girlfriend, Anna, a successful realtor. Both have what they think is their dream life.  To make things even better, Donny’s agent Barbara arrives to offer him more money by turning his bodice-rippers into made-for-TV movies.  But then, Bobby Cramer appears.  He is the main character in the novel that Donny abandoned to write romance novels.  Bobby asks Donny: “Why have you left me in the bottom of your desk drawer?  I’d like to know what happened to me.”  This leads to a series of confrontations between the author and his fictional character who is, in many ways, the guy Donny wishes he could be.  Meanwhile, Anna begins to look at her life and wonders if just selling real estate is all there is for her.  She’d like to start a family.  Donny must choose between Anna and their comfortable life or Bobby and the unknown.

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