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Birth, Death, and Bourbon -  Digital Version

Birth, Death, and Bourbon - Digital Version

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Each play in Birth, Death and Bourbon is a two-hander where the characters seem to be mismatched, but ultimately give each other exactly what’s needed for their particular version of reconciliation.  In “Natural”, (definitely not identical) twin sisters Erica and Maggie are on the verge of big life changes.  Perfectionist Erica is two weeks past her due date, and Maggie – an itinerant acupuncturist and massage therapist – arrives to help her get things rolling.  In “Undiscovered Country”, long-married couple Elizabeth and Teddy have always seemed like an odd pairing, but they actually completeeach other.  When Teddy passes, Elizabeth has to learn to go on alone.  And in “Red in the Morning”, Evan has gone off the grid, and no one knows why.  When their abusive father dies, Mitch – Evan’s older, tougher brother - has to track Evan down.  Mitch brings bourbon.  Both comic and poignant, these plays explore the mysteries of birth, death and a stiff drink.